Board Minutes – April 15, 2013

In Attendance

  • Jane Davison
  • Christine and Charles
  • Don Edwards
  • Rob Smith
  • Kartsten Baumann
  • Annie Soni

Call to Order

  • Review of Minutes from previous meeting passed around for acceptance/approved.
  • Legal — Waiting on 501(c) 3 (changing from 501(c)4 (Donna has call into IRS waiting for callback. Rob advises he has an attorney who will be contacting Donna to assist.)
  • Communications — Karsten, Donna, and Jane attended open house at the Morrisville Aquatic & Fitness Center on Thursday April 11th. Donna and Jane attended Morrisville Green Day (volunteered digging and planting plants/trees/bushes in the traffic islands in front of the municipal buildings).
  • Garden Coordinator — Fuel leak in Tiller to be repaired this week. The emergency shut off cable also needs to be fastened to the pull handle. The rain garden has been completed by the NCSU Permaculture Class — purpose is to slow down & filter water moving from garden to downstream areas. The dirt purchased was used for the rain garden so, Don will purchase additional soil when needed (likely from Page Rd garden center). Planted yarrow, joe pye weed, hibiscus, juncus and Chinese honeysuckle (plants donated by Don). Need to get main crops in on April 20th. Suggestion is to plant rows of eggplant (1st), peppers (2nd) & tomatoes (3rd). 3rd time trying spinach finally was successful. Potatoes are coming up. Don will be working at the Arboretum and Center for Environmental Farming Systems during the May through August time frame – so he may not be able to work at the garden on Saturdays. Perhaps will be working more on Sundays at the garden – TBD.
  • Outreach – We donated 25 lbs of Kale, Turnips & Cabbage on March 30th to the Interfaith Food Shuttle (at the Western Wake Farmer’s Market drop off point). Karsten still has the action to contact Panther Creek High School for kids who need community service hours.
  • Treasury Report – Reported bank balance / bills paid / membership dues collected.
  • Elections: Outreach – placed position on hold until other members are available to fill this position. Motion proposed / passed.

Next meeting time and location:
May 20th – Meet at the garden at 7 pm.

Adjournment of meeting

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