Board Minutes – June 17, 2013

In Attendance

  • Donna Willard
  • Jane Davison
  • Rob Smith
  • Karsten Baumann

Call to Order

  • Motion to approve agenda – passed
  • Review of Minutes from previous meeting being passed around for acceptance/approved. Minutes reviewed & approved.
  • Legal – Donna received e-mail from Toni stating it would be best if the mission is discussed. Donna needs to send the addendum to the initial 1023 that was filed. We need to determine the best path forward considering what has already been filed and our options. Donna and Toni will talk shortly.
  • Communications – BCBS check has been received and has been deposited in our savings account. We are awaiting delivery of sign from BCBS and the press release is underway (Donna is working with Jerry with the Town of Morrisville to complete).
  • Garden Coordinator – Don is out working his internship. Need to determine areas for planting of fall crops. Need to prep unused beds for the fall plantings.
  • Educational/Outreach – Donna, Karsten & Jane worked the Education Booth at the Western Wake Farmer’s Market on Saturday, June 15th. At the WWFM we met a Master Gardener from Ohio as well as Virginia who has great experience and quite a bit of information to share. She has sent two & one half pages of excellent resource materials/books. Another person came by who heads up a girl scout troop who is interested in bringing them out for some hands on education. We will post this information on the web site. Donna sent note to the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) Extension & Outreach coordinator a note regarding hosting a workshop for composting. We are awaiting a response at this time.
  • Treasury Report – Reported bank balance / bills paid / membership dues collected. We need to pay out website dues, insurance, water bill and our next PO box rental.
  • Equipment – New tiller needs to be cleaned after each use! When tools are used it’s important that the tools be cleaned and tools with sharp edges be placed with edges towards the wall rather than the door.


  • Outreach – placed position on hold until other members are available to fill this position. Motion proposed / passed.

Next meeting time & location:
Monday, July 15th at 7 pm at Teaming for Technology (United Way of Wake County), 5151 McCrimmon Parkway, Suite 225, Morrisville.

Adjournment of meeting

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