Board Minutes – May 20, 2013

In Attendance

  • Donna Willard
  • Jane Davison
  • Christine and Charles
  • Rob Smith
  • Don Edwards
  • Karsten Baumann

Call to Order

    • Motion to approve agenda – passed
    • Review of Minutes from previous meeting being passed around for acceptance/approved. Minutes reviewed & approved.
    • Legal – Rob’s friend Toni is reviewing the documentation and seems to be under the impression that the problem is that members can take home produce. Need to update change of address, changes of board with NC Secretary of State – once IRS designation changes are completed.
    • Communications – Fred will continue to help working on web site, but, we need to find someone else to handle the remainder of the communication duties. BCBS will be issuing the check next week. Further instructions are expected to be received regarding the press release. Press release is being sent onto the Morrisville Public Information Officer – they will add the town logo and a note will go into the next Town of Morrisville newsletter. Suggestions for expenditures include, scale, smaller tiller for rows, more community outreach/innovative ideas to get the community involved. Sign from BCBS – deliver to Jane’s house. Exact location of fence at garden is TBD.
    • Garden Coordinator – A good number of folks are participating in the garden on Saturday mornings. Don will be gone Monday – Friday next month and possibly will be working on Saturdays. Expected activities over the next month are weeding & harvesting. Start fall planting and harvest. A section needs to be rototilled, the tiller needs work (will take tiller into Cary Mower & Saw for an estimate), area behind corn is muddy & untilled, chop down 2 trees, till & plant that area with corn (idea is to have corn harvest around August 15th – maybe do a community outreach event at that time. Winter cover crop needs to be mowed down and place summer cover crop down. Big bed in front of the fava beans needs to be weeded & rototilled. Place poles & cross pieces (trellis in) on the long row & tomato rows. Need oil for lawn mower. Wayne & son planted a fig tree. Herb spiral is being discussed for placement over by the asparagus bed. We will need large decorative rocks for this project. Don to send Donna pictures & video for this project. Need to finish the lasagna bed. We should put up a sign advising No dogs/pets are allowed.
    • Educational/Outreach – AHA is looking for community gardens who are interested in hosting a compost workshop – limited to 30 participants at $10 per person and take donations / perhaps get some future members from such an event. Donna to contact AHA for potential dates (do not schedule for June 15th as we are already scheduled at the WWFM education booth that day).
    • Treasury Report – Reported bank balance / bills paid / membership dues collected.


  • Outreach – placed position on hold until other members are available to fill this position. Motion proposed / passed.

Next meeting time & location:
June 17th at 7 pm at Teaming for Technology (United Way of Wake County), 5151 McCrimmon Parkway, Suite 225, Morrisville.

Adjournment of meeting

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