Morrisville Community Garden
P.O. Box 410
Morrisville, NC 27560


Organizing Members

Donna Willard, President
Sophia Bolick, Vice President, treasurer
Susan Howe, Garden Coordinator, secretary
Abu Jacob, Tools and equipment manager
Tonya Pinkerton – At Large
Pam Helyar – At Large
Katie Gwynn – At Large

In Memorium: Anne Meade Stockdell-Giesler, Founding Member

Article 1 – Purpose

To operate a non-commercial community garden that fosters a cooperative environment for healthy living through the implementation of the following:

  • Educational outreach programs through the Farmer’s Market, Town of Morrisville organized events and other activities with Partners such as Earth Fare.
  • On-site educational programs offered by community partners including Grow and Share and the NC State Master Gardeners.
  • Charitable Giving through partnerships with Grow and Share, the Interfaith Food Shuttle and other like-minded entities. Morrisville Community Garden will donate a minimum of 10% of the total produce annually.

Article 2 – Membership

– Membership shall be open to any resident of the Triangle, property owner or business operator who supports the purpose set forth in article 1.

– Membership is granted after completion and receipt of a membership application and payment of annual dues, either online or via mail.

– Members are expected to volunteer a minimum of 1-2 hours per week, to Garden projects. These include mulching, weeding, watering and other on-site activities, or providing a presence at community events.

– New members will be limited to 1 bed to manage for a trial period of 1 (one) year.

– At the end of each season, beds must be cleaned (ie: remove all plant materials/weed), mulched and made ready for the next season of planting.

– The amount of annual dues is to be determined annually by the Board of Directors based on expected expenses for the coming year and in keeping with the declared purpose of the garden. At this time, annual dues are $80 per calendar year, paid upon application for membership. Thereafter, dues should be paid by January 1st and will be considered delinquent after March 31st.

– Each paid membership covers all household members.

– Dues paid by check should be made out to Morrisville Community Garden.

– Unused dues are not refundable except in the case of a special determination by the Board of Directors.

– Rights, privileges and obligations of a member are not transferable to another person and terminates upon cessation of membership whether by death, resignation or otherwise.

– A register of members, including full name, address, telephone number and email address of each member shall be kept by the Membership Secretary and will include any specific skills the member can bring to the garden and interest in any particular workshops or events the member would like to attend. None of this information shall be given to any other party, except as needed in relation to the garden, without the express consent of the member.
– Each membership household shall be eligible to appoint a single voting representative to cast the member’s vote in association elections.
– Subject to the rules of the garden, a member can have their membership terminated by a majority vote of the membership or by a simple majority vote by the Board of Directors.

Article 3 – Meeting of Members

– Meetings shall be held monthly, at a time and place designated by the President or the Board of Directors. This information shall be posted on the web page, the MCG Facebook page and on other social media in use at that time. Reminders will also be sent out to members prior to meetings.
– An annual meeting shall take place in the month of May, the specific time, date and location of which will be designated by the Board of Directors. At the annual meeting, the members shall elect directors and officers, receive reports on the activities of the Garden and determine the direction of the Garden for the coming calendar year.
– Nominations for directors and officers may be made in advance of the elections, or from the floor at the meeting at which elections are being held.
– Replacement of officers between elections, as necessitated by special circumstances, will be voted on at the next membership meeting in a timely fashion.

Special Meetings: special meetings may be called by the President, the Board of Directors, or a simple majority of the Board of Directors. A petition signed by five percent of the voting members may also call a special meeting.

The members present at any properly announced meeting shall constitute a quorum.

Voting: all issues to be voted shall be decided by a simple majority of those present at the meeting at which the vote takes place.
– Robert’s Rules of Order, the latest version, shall govern.

Article 4 – Records and Reports

Records and Reports will be kept of:

  • Meeting Minutes
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Membership List
  • Material Inventory
  • Warnings, with reasons
  • Notices of termination of membership, with reasons

Article 5 – Board of Directors

Board role, size and compensation: The board is responsible for the overall policy and direction of the Garden and delegates responsibility of day-to-day operations. The board shall have up to 7 members, but not fewer than 4 members. The board members receive no compensation.

Terms: All Board members shall serve one-year terms, but are eligible for re-election. Malfeasance or the abandonment of responsibilities will be considered sufficient basis for removal of an officer.

Officers and Duties: There shall be six officers of the board, consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Communications and a Garden Coordinator. Their duties are as follows:

President – Sets goals for the organization, signs all legal documents, supervises volunteers and activities of the organization and presides at meetings.

Vice President – Takes over the office of President if that office is vacated for any reason. The Vice President also presides at meetings when the President is unable to attend or when the President must step down from the chair because he or she wishes to debate an issue. The Vice President also presides if the President is being censured or if a motion is being made that concerns only the President. The Vice President may also chair special committees as designated by the board.

Secretary – The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of board actions, including the taking of minutes at all Board meetings and is charged with making sure that Corporate records are maintained, including the bylaws. The Secretary presides at meetings in which the President and Vice President are absent.

Treasurer – The Treasurer shall make a report at each Board meeting, maintain all of the financial records receive and deposit dues payments and donations and provide receipts for these payments. The Treasurer shall keep records such that a committee can audit the books at the end of each fiscal year and will balance and reconcile the Garden’s account. The Treasurer presides at meetings in which the President, Vice President and Secretary are absent or until the assembly elects a temporary Chairman.

Director of Communications – The Director of Communications shall maintain the Garden’s website, Facebook page and Yahoo Group, send out meeting announcements, distribute copies of minutes and the agenda prior to each meeting and produce the Garden’s Newsletter. Assist Fundraiser in thanking donors.

Garden Coordinator – The Garden Coordinator shall be directly responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations of the Garden. This will include creating the Garden schedule, making sure the Director of Communications receives regular updates regarding such and ensuring the Garden area is being maintained and operated according to the rules set forth.

Resignation from the Board: Resignation from the Board must be in writing and received by the Secretary. A Board member shall be terminated from the Board due to excessive absences, or more than two unexcused absences within one year. A board member may be removed by a three-fourths vote of the remaining Board Members.

Article 6 – Committees

Committee Formation: The Board may create committees as needed. The President appoints all Committee Chairs.

Fundraising Committee – Continually seek out opportunities for donations and grants. Develop a method to thank donors for their generosity.

Land Committee – Track down leads on land, create a list of land opportunities within the specific parameters of the Garden, present land opportunities to the Board.

Tool and Equipment Committee – Obtain tools, develop ideas for tool storage and sharing between members, maintain tools.

Finance Committee – The Treasurer shall be the chair of the Finance Committee, which shall include at least three other Board members. The committee is responsible for developing and reviewing fiscal procedures and fundraising plans. The Board must approve any budget and all expenditures must be within budget. The fiscal year shall be the Calendar Year. Annual reports are required to be submitted to the Board showing income, expenditures and pending income. The financial records of the Garden are public information and shall be made available to the membership, Board members and the public.

Article 7 – Funds and Accounts

The funds of Morrisville Community Garden must be kept in an account in its name in a financial institution decided by the Board.

Records and accounts must be kept in the English language showing full and accurate particulars of all financial affairs.

All amounts received must be deposited in the financial institution as soon as practicable after receipt.
A payment by the Morrisville Community Garden of $25 or more must be made by check.

Checks must be signed by the Treasurer and the President.

The Treasurer will be the custodian of the checkbook.

A receipt book must be maintained and receipts issued for all funds received, whether these are by cash or check.

Article 8 – Amendments

The bylaws may be amended when necessary by a majority vote of members present at a meeting of the Board of Directors. Amendments must be presented to the Secretary to be sent out with other Board announcements.
These bylaws may be rescinded and dissolved when necessary by a majority vote at a meeting of the Board of Directors.

Article 9 – General

Non-Profit – The assets and income of Morrisville Community Garden shall be applied solely in the furtherance of running the community garden(s) and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the Garden except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the organization.

Dissolution – In the event of the organization being dissolved, the amount that remains after such dissolution and the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be transferred to any organization with similar purposes which is not carried on the profit or gain of its individual members.