Garden Map – Take Responsibility For a Section

The only rule is to put a stake in with the name of the crop, its variety, date planted and expected harvest date written on it in permanent marker. Otherwise, you can’t complain if someone destroys your work.

However, it is polite to not take over half-completed projects that others are doing.

Its a good idea to plant for 30 people: otherwise you may not be able to harvest any of the crop you wanted the most, since no one will feel guilty about harvesting it before you. The by-laws say, “Harvest anything you can eat!” not, “You have first nibs on the plants you tended and cared for”.

If you write to wormturners with the area you want to take on, we can update the map.
Needed chores are mowing, completely preparing the Western side of the main bed,
mowing, drying and turning in the cover crop on the main bed.
All but two bamboo beds and one or two wood-framed beds are nearly ready for planting – just amend and fertilize as you see fit before planting. If you are up for a bigger chore, work on the main bed.

Happy gardening! (P.S. Click on the map to actually view it)


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