Hours of Operation: The garden is open to members from sunup to sundown.

Parking: parking must be in designated areas.

Equipment: Community tools will be available on work days. Clean tools before returning. Make sure you use the proper tool for the job so there is no breakage and you do not injure yourself. Notify the Garden Coordinator if a tool needs to be replaced. No one is to use large equipment without the express permission of the Garden Coordinator.

Safety: Please make sure you keep all pathways clear of items at all times. Wear appropriate clothing, sturdy shoes and face/eye protection when using tools. Supervise children at all times, both for their own safety and to ensure the smooth operation of the Garden.


  • Gardeners may not store personal equipment at the Garden site without prior consent.
  • No amendments to the soil are to be made without the consent of the Garden Coordinator.
  • Use trash containers on site for all refuse.
  • No dogs or other pets are allowed in the garden at any time. The only exception to this rule is that specifically trained dogs for use by visually or hearing impaired members will be allowed access.
  • No disruptive behavior that will negatively affect other members will be tolerated, including loud radios, vulgar language, raised voices, threats or other intimidation of other gardeners or guests.
  • No tobacco or alcohol products are allowed in the garden.
  • Use care when watering so standing puddles do not develop.
  • Turn off all water faucets prior to leaving the garden. Coil hoses neatly.
  • Use of personal information from any mailings, phone lists or other Garden media is strictly prohibited.
  • Members will act in a safe and responsible manner while in the Garden.
  • Members will cooperate and interact harmoniously with other members while at the garden. Failure to do so may lead to expulsion or suspension under bylaws.
  • Members will accept the right of the Board to discontinue any membership.

Compost: Compost will be maintained on site. Use bin for organic waste only. Chop material as small as possible and water and turn material regularly. Adding coffee grounds will increase compost temperature, kill weed seeds and speed compost.

Do not add weed seeds, Bermuda grass, palm seedlings or other detrimental materials.

This is an Organic Garden. No toxic pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals can be used other than those approved by the Garden Coordinator.

It is your responsibility to be sure that the Board has your current contact information. Any correspondence mailed to the address on file will be considered delivered.

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